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We attended West Coast Baptist College to train for the ministry. We appreciated their focus on local church involvement and training. We graduated in 2004 with degrees in Bible and Religious Education.

Heritage Baptist Church

We are sent out of Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge, Va. Our pastor is Mike Edwards. We interned at our home church for the first year of our marriage before starting deputation.

Baptist International Missions Inc.

Understanding the importance of the Great Commission, their purpose is to assist independent Baptist churches in the establishment of like churches around the world. BIMI exists to serve the local church as it sends missionaries into God's harvest field. As the church's delegated servant, they provide accountability, training and assistance to their missionaries as we carry out our pre-field, on-field and furlough ministries. It is their desire to glorify God through the pursuit of excellence in every area of this worldwide ministry of faith.


We arrived in Ireland in January 2008 with the dream of living and dying there. Our preparation had all been with that in mind. However after only being in country for 3 months we were notified by immigration that they would only give us three years in the country (at the time, Ireland did not have visas for missionaries). We served in the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dublin. We had the privilege of participating in their outreach, music, teaching, and teen ministries. 

January 2008 - July 2010


The Lord led us to stay in Europe and specifically led us to Spain. After receiving our visas, we arrived in Spain on November 29, 2011. We spent our first 2 years + 9 months learning the Spanish language while serving in the Iglesia Biblica Bautista Villarosa in Madrid. We moved to Dos Hermanas in the south of Spain where we have started the Iglesia Bautista El Olivar (Olive Grove Baptist Church).

November 2011 - Current

Seminario Bíblico de Sevilla

We have the privilege of parterning with the Bible Seminary of Seville for the purpose of training local men and women for the ministry in their Jerusalem and abroad.  


The Youth Summit for World Evangelism is designed to encourage the young people of Spain in the area of world evangelism. We partner with the Faith Baptist Church in Seville to put on yearly gatherings where the sessions are designed to train, equip and encourage the participants to reach their world with the gospel.  

Cordón de Tres

Grace created and administrates Cordón de Tres, a blog for Spanish speaking christian women. There are a group of missionary and pastor's wives that collaborate on this blog who desire to provide christian ladies globally with a resource that will encourage, equip, and train them to live their lives for the glory of God. 

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