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Celebrating God's Faithfulness

On Monday, November 28, 2011, we boarded our flight for Madrid, Spain. We did not know what the Lord had in store for us, yet we trusted His faithfulness and His calling to get us through whatever the future held.

The first months were scary and overwhelming. Learning a new culture and a new language sometimes felt daunting and yet as we look back, we see God's grace and mercy through His leading us to work with Jack and Joy Loveday. These precious veteran missionaries loved on us, cared for us, and were incredibly patient with us as we hobbled through the adjustments of moving our family to a foreign country.

The Lord has taught us that as we plan and dream, ultimately His timing and plans will always veto our own. Our original plans of staying in Madrid for only 2 years during language studies was lengthened 9 months. Our plans to plant the new work in the first 6 months of our moving to Dos Hermanas, was lengthened to 14 months. While some might see these delays as set backs, we now have the privilege to look back and see God's hand tracing out His plan for us. Someone once said, "Faith is not only trusting the promise, but trusting the process". It's true that receiving the promise or the calling is exciting, but true faith is always tested as you wait for the fulfillment of that promise.

So as we look back on language studies, multiple shoulder surgeries, moving to a new town, managing the remodeling of a building for the church, welcoming team members, and starting a new church, all we can do is celebrate. Celebrate God's faithfulness, His mercy, and His grace every day of our four years in Spain.

We look forward to what tomorrow will bring with a confidence in our Savior's plan for our lives.


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