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Merry Christmas

As we look back on 2015 our hearts are filled with amazement for what the Lord has done. He has taught us through difficult moments to trust His ways even when those bring pain. He has taught us the value of patiently waiting on Him when things don't go according to our human plans. He has humbled us through the sacrifice of many so that our family can serve the Lord overseas. He has increased our faith as we have seen His daily provision and answer to prayers. He has given us an incredible love for the people of Dos Hermanas and every time we get to share Christ with them our burden for their souls grows.

This season is filled with gratitude. Gratitude for a God who would send His Son to be humbly born in a manger and take on the form of man so that we might have redemption through His sacrifice on the cross. Gratitude for a salvation that can be shared in Spain without fear of persecution. Gratitude for the those precious souls who have stepped through the doors of the Iglesia Bautista El Olivar.

May your Christmas and New Years be Christ centered.

Wishing God's blessing upon you,

The Hayes Family


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